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The Maturation Journey of a Coach: Exploring Your Internal Landscape
with special guest Pam McLean, PhD
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Friday, November 18
Special Guest:
Pam McLean, PhD

What You'll Learn
In this FREE, interactive 60-minute talk and Q&A, we will explore:

  • What is the maturation of a coach and what it means
  • The six dimensions of self
  • What gets in the way of a coaching seeing
  • The Maturation of Coach Model & Self as Coach Model
  • The difference between Vertical and Horizontal coaching

About Pam McLean, PhD

Pamela McLean, PhD, is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Hudson Institute of Coaching, organization with over 30 years of history widely known as one of the leading coach training programs in the US for over thirty years, and as well as providing a full suite of coaching services inside organizations around the globe. McLean brings more than three decades of experience as a clinical l psychologist, master coach, coach supervisor and leader in the field of coaching. McLean authored The Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching (2012) examining key theories and evidenced based research informing the field; examining the essential methodology, key steps in the coaching engagement; and exploring the use of self as the most important instrument we have in our work as coaches.

What's a Podinar?
Your Host

Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action, a company committed to revealing derailing blindspots and creating awareness resulting in breakthroughs. She is an authority in the Emotional and Relational Intelligence, which focuses on our innate capacity to be in relationship with others, even in times of conflict and how we can develop that capacity through conscious awareness and intention.  

Alison is a Professional Certified Coach, a Master EQ Practitioner and a Certified Narrative Coach. She has thousands of hours of experience coaching CEOs and business owners. She is certified as a 200 RYT Yoga Teacher and a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. Alison is a TEDx speaker and a 3 time TEDx Conference organizer.

About the Podinar Series
Learning In Action's monthly Heal The Divide Podinar series informs, educates, and inspires us all to go out in the world and heal the ways we are divided from our essence and divided from each other. The intent of our podinars is to champion transformative change by supporting anyone who works in a role facilitating change in others. We do that by introducing a community of change agents to thought leaders, providing opportunities for professional development, and creating experiences that inspire, inform and build community. Click here to learn more.

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